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Reality Called Life after a downfall

It is time to begin moving on in life whenever you feel stuck in a job, relationship, or other situation. If you have had a relationship break up, or have been fired, find constructive ways to let go of the past, move on, and build a great new life.

Is it easy to move on? No, it is almost never easy to let go of the past. Often, gathering the courage to move on in your life can be one of the hardest challenges you have ever faced. It is completely natural and the essence of human nature, to want to cling to the familiar and to shy away from the new and the unfamiliar. We are creatures of habit. We want to believe that tomorrow will be just like yesterday – even if yesterday was unpleasant. It takes courage to make the difficult choice to change how one lives, where one calls home, what job or career one identifies with, and who one calls friend.

When making the difficult choice to let go of a painful situation and to create a new future, do make a special effort to find those elements of your past that are still valid, and to which you can still hold firm.

Amazing Tech news!

The Toyota Fun-Vii pictured here is the most futuristic and radical of three concept vehicles that the Japanese manufacturer will display at this week’s Tokyo motor show.

According to Toyota, the “Fun-Vii is a concept vehicle that heralds a not-too-distant future where people, cars and society are linked”.

Toyotas Fun Vii Concept Car Has Giant Touch Screen Doors Toyotas Fun Vii Concept Car Has Giant Touch Screen Doors

The exterior of the Fun-Vii is essentially a blank canvas on which the driver can display the content of their choice, or change the car’s color, with the ease of downloading a smartphone application. The whole of the vehicle interior is also changeable.

check this out.